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A Professor’s Journey with Plague, Grief, & Writing

Join the Newnan Carnegie Library and Dr. Chad Davidson, author of Bring Out Your Dead: Elegies from the Plague Year, April 25th at 6:30 pm as he presents his book of a collection of essays regarding his father’s death at the onset of the pandemic. He has also written a travel memoir about his time in Italy as well as collections of poetry. He serves as Professor of English and Director of the School of the Arts at the University of West Georgia, and co-directs Convivio, a summer arts and literary conference in Postignano, Italy.

“This event will greatly appeal to the community or our patrons with relatable experiences whether that is with loss and grief, or dealing with a sense of that during the pandemic. People truly enjoy our book talks and meeting local authors as well. This will be an overall wonderful opportunity to hear stories, interests, and the variations of life one can live through.” says Jessica Dunnington, the Newnan Carnegie Library Program Associate.

Online registration is required for this event, so please visit the Newnan Carnegie Library website calendar page to sign up.