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Please Help Us Welcome Our New Assistant Principal, Lindsey Wilson

At the May 13th Board of Education meeting, Lindsey Wilson was approved and announced as the Assistant Principal for Bremen Academy and Bremen Middle School. Mrs. Wilson will  begin her new role in July.

Mrs. Wilson has 15 years of experience and has been employed by Bremen City  Schools since 2009 and is a proud graduate of Bremen High School (C/O 2005). She  is currently the fifth-grade team lead teacher at Bremen Academy.  

Mrs. Wilson has a bachelor’s degree from the University of West Georgia, a Master’s  degree from Piedmont College and earned her leadership tier one certification from  the University of West Georgia. 

Lindsey and her husband, Jordy, are the parents of three children, Mari Lyn, Marlee,  and Maddox. 

“I am excited to step into my new role as an assistant principal at Bremen Academy  and Bremen Middle School. I am eager to continue the work of shaping futures and  cultivating excellence within our school community!” -Mrs. Lindsey Wilson 

At Bremen Academy and Bremen Middle School, we are excited to have Lindsey  Wilson transition into the role of Assistant Principal and join our administrative  leadership team. Lindsey has proven through her teacher leadership experiences that  she has the desire and abilities to assist with leading our school in the pursuit of  continuous success. She has a heart for students, a true love for the Bremen  community, and has established solid relationships with her peers that will help to  champion a spirit of true collaboration. I’m looking forward to working with Lindsey  in her new capacity.” -Mr. Brian Evans, Principal Bremen Academy & Bremen Middle  School 

Lindsey Wilson exemplifies our motto of “Excellence in All We Do!”. She is a proven  leader and has been a tremendous asset to our school system. I look forward to  watching her continue to lead and grow in this new position and I have no doubt  that she will continue to serve our students and families well in this new position.” – Zoe Evans, Assistant Superintendent