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We Lift Concrete: Raised Right Concrete Leveling Opens in West Georgia

A faster, cleaner, and easier way to improve your concrete without having to replace it is just a call away right here in West Georgia! Say hello to Raised Right Concrete Leveling. With a fraction of the cost of a full replacement, raised concrete is ready to use upon its completion. 

Owner and operator Sarah Bearden tells us, “We wanted to bring an affordable option for concrete to West Georgia. Essentially, we can raise any form of concrete slab. Most solid slabs of concrete can be raised and stabilized. Poly concrete lifting allows homeowners and businesses to lift and stabilize a dangerous area without the use of heavy equipment, heavy tear out, or damage to our existing landscaping, and are able to use [the lifted pad] the same day. Slabs of concrete that are badly cracked may be too damaged to lift.” 

Raised Right Concrete Leveling can help you with your pool decks, especially this summer! These pesky issues can cause trip hazards around your pool that leaves your property vulnerable to unwanted liability. Sarah mentions, “When we are called to assist a homeowner or business owner with a free estimate on whether they should level their concrete, or replace it, they are often happily surprised they can have perfectly aligned concrete again, in a matter of minutes, saving them time and money.” 

The new company in West Georgia is supplied by HMI, which is the only company that makes polyurethane foam for concrete raising from recycled material. So you can be happy that this saves our natural resources, is non-toxic and non-hazardous as well as environmentally friendly. 

To learn more about Raised Right Concrete Leveling, please visit their website at www.raiseditright.com or call 404-796-5569 for a FREE estimate. 

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