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Bremen City Schools’ Director of Technology  Completes Year-long DOPDP Course

On May 31, 2024, Mr. Brian Wheeler was presented with a framed certificate from the Georgia School Superintendents Association in
recognition of his successful completion of the District Office Professional Development Program (DOPDP). This program is an in-depth
professional learning series that began in September.

Throughout the year-long District Office Professional Development Program, district office leaders supporting the superintendent and the school district engaged with forward-thinking educational leaders from around the state. They learned cutting-edge strategies to enhance school district performance and develop skills to better serve students, teachers,
and communities.

The program’s curriculum, rooted in the Professional Standards for the Superintendency, provides a comprehensive framework for refining essential abilities, knowledge, and skills crucial for district office leadership. These standards, divided into four main stands—
Interpersonal Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Change Leadership, and Operational Leadership—form the foundation of the ten intensive sessions within the program.Participants also had the opportunity to exchange ideas on fostering innovative educational
environments and complete personal assessments of their skills, strengths, weaknesses, personality, and areas of potential opportunity and growth.

Over the course of ten two-day weekend sessions, DOPDP participants were immersed in topics including curriculum and instruction, human resources management, finance, professional learning, school district operations, student services, and leadership. The
culminating activity included a personalized district office leadership plan presentation to the DOPDP participants and GSSA Leadership.

Mr. Wheeler expressed his thoughts about the program, saying, “Participating in the District Office Professional Development Program over the past ten months has been challenging yet beneficial experience. The program has significantly strengthened my professional skills, enabling me to contribute more effectively to our district’s strategic goals. This program has empowered me to confidently navigate my role in the district office and make a meaningful impact on the success of our district.”

Mr. Wheeler has served for fourteen years as the Director of Technology for Bremen City Schools.