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Ed Miniat LLC Expands Operations, Creates New Jobs

Ed Miniat LLC, a pioneer in sous-vide (French for under vacuum) cooked meat products, announced today a significant expansion of its operations in Carrollton,  Georgia. The expansion includes a $7.8 million investment into the local community and the  creation of 27 new full-time jobs. This marks a milestone in the company’s commitment to  enhancing its production capabilities and serving its growing customer base in the southeastern  United States. 

Larry Earle, Senior Director of Operations – Cooked Meats Division of Ed Miniat LLC.,  commented on the expansion, stating, “We are excited to expand our footprint in Carrollton and  continue our journey of growth and innovation in the food service industry. This investment not  only strengthens our operational capacity but also deepens our commitment to the local  community.” 

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in South Holland, Illinois, Ed Miniat LLC acquired its  Carrollton facility in February 2020. The latest investment underscores the company’s strategic  growth initiative outside of its Illinois base and will allow them to diversify their manufacturing  capabilities beyond sous-vide. The expansion will lead to new markets and new customers to  further broaden the company’s horizons. 

Carrollton Mayor Betty Cason expressed enthusiasm about Miniat’s continued investment in  Carrollton, saying, “Ed Miniat LLC has quickly become a valued member of our industrial  community. This expansion further solidifies their commitment to Carrollton, and we look forward  to the positive impact these new jobs and investments will bring.” 

The expansion will see the creation of 27 new jobs, ranging from production roles to management  positions, over the next two years. These positions are expected to contribute to the local economy  by providing employment opportunities for those wishing to live, work, and play in our thriving community. 

Carroll County Commission Chairwoman Michelle Morgan echoed this sentiment, emphasizing  the economic benefits for Carroll County. “This $7.8 million investment is a testament to Carroll  County’s attractiveness as a place to do business. We welcome Miniat’s continued growth and are  committed to supporting their long-term success.”

Carrollton Payroll Development Authority Chairman Tim Warren highlighted the strategic  importance of the expansion, stating, “Miniat’s decision to expand here underscores the strength  of our local workforce and business environment. We are dedicated to assisting Miniat in achieving  their growth objectives and ensuring their continued prosperity in Carrollton.” 

Chairman of the Carroll Tomorrow Board of Directors, Loy Howard, also weighed in on the  expansion, highlighting its significance for local economic development. “Ed Miniat LLC’s  continued investment and expansion in Carrollton exemplify the success of our economic  development efforts. Their commitment to growth and innovation aligns perfectly with Carroll  Tomorrow’s mission of fostering economic prosperity and creating sustainable opportunities for  our community.” 

About Carroll Tomorrow: Carroll Tomorrow is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to increasing the  Carroll County tax base by fostering corporate growth, supporting small businesses, and promoting  entrepreneurship. With a global outlook, Carroll Tomorrow strategically enhances economic  development opportunities in the region. 

About The Miniat Family of Companies – The companies include their Management company,  Miniat Holdings LLC, and operating companies Ed Miniat LLC, a value-added, cooked meat  company, located in South Holland, IL and Carrollton, Georgia, and South Chicago Packing LLC,  an edible oil and shortening manufacturing company located in Chicago, IL.