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Sanctuary from Stimuli: Newnan’s New Healing Float Center

There’s nothing quite like being shocked back to my senses by water. My ninety-four degree body’s meeting forty-five degree water was no joke, but the cleansing and renewing sensation is indescribable. Stepping into near-freezing water and then relaxing in warm saltwater was what my mind needed to clarify itself. 

A few weeks ago, I visited Sanctuary Float Center, a healing center which opened back in May. It’s an alternative health center where anyone seeking relaxation and healing can decompress and recalibrate in private.

The center offers what is called sensory deprivation, which may be a solution to calming overworked and overstimulated minds, resulting in rested and clear minds. Perhaps you have tried massages or yoga classes to learn calming techniques, yet both can be stimulating in and of themselves. Sanctuary Float Center in Newnan provides a place for individuals and even couples to relax in pure and safe emptiness. Equipped with four, extra-large floatation tanks, an infrared sauna, a red light therapy room, dry salt therapy, a massage chair, and a cold plunge tub, visitors can experience their own alcove of peace, quiet, and relaxation.

As I walked the halls of the center, palpable peace and quiet hung in the air. The atmosphere differs from a spa in that each therapy type has its own room with set appointment times, to ensure that individuals can indeed be by themselves and truly relax.

The primary feature of the Sanctuary Float Center is the floatation tanks. They contain a water and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) mixture which essentially creates a liquid with a waterbed-type feel in which even the worst swimmer can float. Water levels stay right below  twelve inches to make it easy for anyone entering and exiting to stay stable. Although most other floatation therapy tanks are shaped like a globe or a pod to induce a sense of isolation, Sanctuary’s tanks are built topless to accommodate those who may feel stressed in a cramped space.

For two years now, Sharon Rogers and Lynn Butterfield have researched, designed, and planned Sanctuary Float Center from the ground up. From the room dimensions to the ear plugs to the coloring table in the reception area, the pair considered every small detail vital in creating a safe and serene sanctuary that can leave clients feeling refreshed and healed. Although these past two years specifically have been for planning the center, their stories of searching for and perfecting their healing practices stretch farther back.

Growing up on a small farm, Sharon was able to experience what she calls her “calm” – a place where she can relax, reflect, and recharge, allowing the forest and fields to center her. Even through college and her first career as a chemist, this “finding calm” concept remained as a guiding light, leading her to pursue it as her life’s work.

For Lynn, who also grew up on a farm, healing others and his own body has held much fascination and has been the focal point of all his careers. Starting out as an Army National Guard medic, he picked up skills needed to treat various injuries, which led him to pursue a leadership position at GNC with Sharon. It was after a bicycle accident that mangled his shoulder that Lynn discovered float tanks. After a few sessions, he felt immensely better, reinforcing his belief that the body can heal itself, given the right conditions. 

It was also during this period and the early months of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 that Lynn lost his beloved mother.

“These floats helped me keep my calm,” he shares. “You can see people’s faces look completely different when they come out [of the float tanks].That was me, too.”

The Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) infused water not only keeps clients afloat, but helps to calm the nervous system and to ease muscle pain. The calming meditation music and gentle, blue lights in the pools add to the calm. Arguably, the most comforting part of Sanctuary’s float tanks is that clients can book the room all to themselves. You can book an appointment by visiting their website here.

Peace and quiet lies thick in the air, almost suffocating the noise and hubbub of everyday life.

“When you think about it, our phones and brains are always looking for information,” Lynn points out. “They’re always calling out to us. But when you’re in the tank, there’s nothing to distract you, not even your clothes.”

Don’t worry – Lynn’s expertise in water quality and sanitation is in full use here, so no naked-bum germs linger. As a certified pool operator, his in-depth knowledge of the tanks and their filtration, ozone, and UV sanitizing systems keeps the water healthy and the whole operation going. In fact, one of the things both he and Sharon considered when purchasing the float tanks was their US-manufactured origins and how easily they could obtain replacement parts when needed. They also only purchase and use pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate sourced from US suppliers. 

The red light therapy and infrared sauna rooms also provide clients with gentle warmth and a quiet place to loosen their muscles. Research conducted at the VA Boston Healthcare System back in 2015 suggests that red light and near infrared light applied to the scalp can help increase blood flow in that area and result in increased mitochondrial release of ATP, also known as the energy carrying molecule. Researchers noticed this could lead to clearer thinking and help heal those experiencing traumatic brain injuries and even post traumatic stress disorder. Sharon and Lynn also share that the IR-light sauna is a great alternative to traditional  saunas in that the air doesn’t heat up as much, the research indicates that the session is more effective, and the experience is more comfortable.

“Some people step into the sauna and stretch or do some light exercise,” Sharon reports. “While the sauna is big enough for one person to lounge out by themselves it can also seat three people comfortably. ”

Lynn adds the red light therapy room’s wall panel is large enough for even the biggest NFL- sized clients to receive full-body treatment.  Also, many clients have discovered how awakening it can be to experience contrast ‘fire and ice’ therapy when the sauna is used in conjunction with the ice plunge.

Time spent at the Sanctuary not only brings relaxation and mental decompression,  but the water and waves also inspire creativity. Sharon smiles as she shared that many who go into the floatation pools or cold plunge often experience a revelation for a new painting, recipe, or music score. 

Calm and serenity can be achieved. Who knows what you may discover after your session! Make an appointment today by visiting their website at www.sanctuaryfloatcenter.com, or call them at 678-203-5356. They are located in Newnan at 1585 GA-34 Suite A, in the quiet back corner of the White Oak Professional Center complex. They are open by appointment only. You can also get more information from their Facebook and Instagram. Happy floating!

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