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Tanner Urgent Care and Occupational Health Now Nationally Certified

Tanner Urgent Care clinics and Tanner Occupational Health clinics in Carrollton, Bremen and Villa Rica have been recognized by the Urgent Care Association for meeting a nationally recognized scope of care.

Certification by the Urgent Care Association is a mark of distinction for urgent care and occupational health clinics.

The Tanner facilities are the only ones in the region to earn this distinction by the Urgent Care Association and are among only 16 other facilities in Georgia.

“It sets us apart,” says Clint Hoffman, senior vice president of Tanner Medical Group. “Certification by the Urgent Care Association is the gold standard for best practices in both urgent care and occupational health. It shows that we are being held to and meeting criteria for high-quality patient care.”

The certification provides an added level of confidence for patients in the region with an illness or injury that’s urgent but not serious enough for a hospital emergency room. For employers who want to maintain a healthy workforce through occupational health services, it also provides more comfort knowing that their employees’ health is a priority.

Certification is a detailed, multistep process, which involves review of a site’s quality outcomes; access to care; emergency plans; licenses and certifications for personnel; and facilities, equipment, and supplies.

“Earning this certification means we meet standards set by the industry and our peers in quality, service, and patient safety,” says Kristie Dunson, director of Tanner Urgent Care.

With three locations offering weekday, weekend and evening hours, Tanner Urgent Care treats everything from colds, flu and other viral illnesses to cuts, burns, sprains and more. Patients also benefit from on-site X-rays, annual physical exams, drug and alcohol screening, and post-employment and Department of Transportation physical exams.

An added service at Tanner Urgent Care is “On My Way,” so patients can reserve their spot in line and skip the waiting room.

Tanner Occupational Health helps employers and employees get the job done and stay healthy at work, with a broad range of services, including physical exams, screenings and prompt and compassionate care for work-related illnesses or injuries, follow-up care, referrals and case management.

Tanner Occupational Health also offers guidance and consultation for workers’ compensation, including but not limited to work status information and specialty referrals, and assists employers with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Plus, as part of a hospital system, Tanner Urgent Care and Tanner Occupational Health have direct access to services such as imaging, specialist referrals, employee assistance program (EAP) counseling, substance abuse and addiction recovery, and more to ensure an efficient continuum of care for patients.  

“Because we’re community-based, we work closely with our community partners to assess and meet their specific needs,” says Dunson.

“Certification is also something that we choose to pursue. It’s not mandated,” said Hoffman. “It’s just another way that Tanner Health is committed to providing health care that goes above and beyond your expectations for quality and convenience.”

Partnering with Tanner Health

We’re here for you. To learn more about Tanner Occupational Health, visit www.tanner.org/occupational-health/what-we-offer, Or, to let us know you’re on your way to any Tanner Urgent Care location, visit TannerUrgentCare.org.