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Partnership Opportunities

Promote Your Business with The City Menus

The City Menus offers a landscape of promotional opportunities unlike any other news and media company in West Georgia and East Alabama. In addition, our team provides friendly-service paired with exceptional marketing expertise to meet your needs. Learn more about how your business can benefit with a partnership, featured article, or other resources available. If you have questions please click here to contact us.

What is included with a partnership? 

Our partnership packages combine both our website and high-performing social media platforms. Each advertising partner of The City Menus can choose from a variety of digital-banner spaces on our website that include one social media advertisement per month on our social media network specific for your area. Facebook promotions are tagged with our certified Branded Content* tool and listed as a Paid Partnership. In addition, we utilize custom audience targeting, ad placement optimization, and objectives through Facebook Pixel to ensure your ads reach even more people.

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Understanding the Benefits of Digital Advertising

Our digital banners can be linked to your website for additional click-thru traffic along with unmatched visibility. Each banner’s performance (views and clicks) is measured and can be shared with you. We also provide meaningful impression data for your social media promotions.

Additionally, our website uses a unique advertising server that allows all the banners to have equal rotation frequencies when served to our readers. Our website requires users with an Ad Blocker to add The City Menus’ website to their white-list before accessing our site to ensure that our partner’s banners are seen by all of our website visitors.

Featured Articles

If you are interested in sharing the story behind your business or if you simply want our readers to know what products or services you offer, allow us to write a Featured Article for you. Featured Articles are published on our website and boosted across our social media platforms using custom audience targeting and placement optimization tools through Facebook Pixel.

Additional Information

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* Click here to review more information about Branded Content.