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Mountain of Upgrades Coming to Oak Mountain Park


County officials recently announced that Oak Mountain Park will soon receive major upgrades. The park, described as a hidden gem of the Carroll County Recreation Department, could soon be a new destination for outdoor events.

“We have really big plans for Oak Mountain Park, and we’re really excited about this project,” said Parks Director Vince Collins.

Collins said the park’s gymnasium will be converted into an open-air pavilion that will be able to accommodate large groups and gatherings. The project was approved by the Board of Commissioners and will be funded through SPLOST.

Gerald Pilgrim, Operations Director for Carroll County tells us, “We are looking to create a place for large gatherings, church picnics, arts & craft festivals, and more.”

Oak Mountain Park is located off Stripling Chapel Road near Highway 16. The park has over 1.8 miles of nature trails with beautiful scenery.

“The County allotted funds for the project two months ago, and we are now waiting for permits so we can move forward,” said Collins. “We’re all really excited about it.”