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    New Award-Winning Roofing Company Opens in Carrollton


    The Cool Roofing Company has been in the roofing business since 1994. The business recently established a new location in Carrollton at 566 Newnan Road and hopes to continue providing some of the most professional, quality roofing in the business.

    David Henry is a third-generation roofer who purchased the company in 2008. He says that The Cool Roofing Company stands apart from the crowd of competitors by adhering to the highest standards of quality roofing. Winning top honors year after year with Duro-Last Roofing for outstanding roof installations, scoring a 90 or above on every roof installed.

    “We are licensed in surrounding states, including Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina,” says David. “The state of Georgia does not require a roofing business to follow rigorous standards like the neighboring states, but we are a roofing company that offers the same level of quality to all our customers across the southeast.”

    David notes that The Cool Roofing Company goes to great lengths to service customers’ roofing after installation.

    “What also sets us apart is our service,” says David. “After the roof installation, the next most important thing is how you take care of your customers if they need additional service. We treat all of our customers with the same level of quality customer service.”

    The Cool Roofing Company’s professionals possess vast knowledge in roofing systems to help them properly assess issues and provide adequate roofing solutions.

    “I actually consult with major manufacturers about roofing issues,” says David. “We are very respected in the industry, and we take every customer’s needs seriously.”

    The Cool Roofing Company services the Atlanta area, with a satellite office in North Georgia (Blue Ridge), and it is also certified by national roofing manufacturers.

    The Cool Roofing Company is certified by most top roofing manufactures and  ready to install your next roof system for you. To find out more about The Cool Roofing Company, call 678-601-3445 or visit their new location at 566 Newnan Road. Check out The Cool Roofing Company’s Facebook page here.

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