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    Plans for Costco Under Review by Coweta County

    Jonathan Dockery

    Plans for a new Costco store at Sharpsburg’s Fischer Crossing area have officially been submitted to Coweta County. The newest Costco location will be constructed directly across from Sam’s Club along Fischer Road.

    The 5.26-acre property where Costco plans to build was recently rezoned from “Rural Conservation” to C-7, Commercial Major Shopping District at the request of Southern Trust Capital, the company overseeing the Costco project.

    Officials from Planning and Zoning say that Costco is eager to begin construction as soon as possible.

    “They have submitted site plans to us and those plans are currently under the first round of reviews by our staff,” said Angela White, Assistant Director, Development Services. “As soon as those plans are approved, they can begin construction, and from what we are told, Costco wants to begin construction as soon as they can. Costco says that they typically open stores in the month of August.”

    The City Menus reporters spotted soil testing being conducted at the site on April 3 in preparation for the proposed development.

    Our reporters contacted Costco’s corporate offices, but officials from the company declined to comment at this time on the potential for a new location in Sharpsburg. According to the Costco website, the company does not comment on stores until the new location is within three months of opening.

    Costco is a membership-only warehouse club chain that has more than 750 warehouse locations worldwide. The company was originally founded in Seattle in 1976 and has since grown into one of the nation’s most popular membership-only club stores.

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