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Developing Story : The Carrollton Diner

NOVEMBER STORY : A major overhaul of the Carrollton Crossroads Shopping Center will most likely mean that the Carrollton Diner must move by March 1st. Over the past days my conversations with management at Halpern Enterprises confirms indeed something is about to take place at the shopping center. At their requests I can not release any specific information about the fate of the shopping center but can say that the Kroger is looking to expand which will devour the current location of the Carrollton Diner. My dinners at the Diner have always been very good and the portions are always huge. The concept has begun sweeping the metro area again. There is now a Douglasville Diner that just opened in the old Blockbuster off Hwy 5. We will keep you posted on the latest developments.  Picture courtesy of Blake Martin.

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