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Little Food + Big Price = The Fish House


The Fish House has come and gone.  So have the ridiculously high prices that didn’t even match up to food portions. I remember my first visit back in July very well. My meal was a filet of catfish, rice, and fries. The waitress brought out my fries and I about walked out. Seriously 5 fries on a plate? Anyway I did however ask for more and she brought out 5 more. I could tell they were trying to save money. The trout was very watery and tasted like something from the $1.00 seafood section at your favorite grocery store. The worst part of the whole entire meal was the uncooked rice. Usually in this case I would not pay and leave a tip but I happily paid and left the establishment knowing soon the restaurant would close. The lack of business, I think shut down The Fish House. Dermo hopes to have something else in that location by the first of the year.

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