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Braves (OFF CAMPUS) Bookstore Moves

CLOSED : The Braves Campus Bookstore move came as a shock to many UWG students due to the Winter Break ending. Many of my personal friends were scrambling to find less expensive options for books. From what we are gathering the store opened just in time for classes. If you are not familiar with the location, the Braves Campus Store is now located on Hwy 27 South Park Street across the street from the current Staples in the former Pig Pen location.

Below is an opinion & information expressed by a college student in the area :

Their new location makes no sense since they are further away from campus. When I stopped by the old location, all they had on the door was two signs saying “CLOSED.” No information regarding the move whatsoever. They left details at BBW on Maple Street, but no one I know goes in there. In visiting the new location finally I saw that they are HEAVILY understocked when it comes to books though. If they are planning to use only the first floor of the building, I do not see how the new building will be a good decision. I did not go upstairs but heard people up there. Maybe they are using it for merchandise but I assumed it was offices and such. 
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