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The Fight Between Laura Lynn and The Pig

Rumors do not know when to stop do they? Let us put an end to two rumors circulating the streets of Carrollton. I call this stopping the Rumor Weed. Our investigations quickly came to an abrupt stop today when we talked to Steve who is over The Maple Street commons shopping center. Steve mentioned that any retail establishment looking into the Food Lion space is gridlocked. This means nothing can happen until Food Lion real estate can come to an agreement with the property. Food Lion real estate would have to lease this space out since they left before their 17 year commitment was up. So with this being said, any store name that you are hearing around town is false and outright not true. Ingles has brought over most of the former staff from the Food Lion location which was a great move!  Ingles deserves high marks for hiring most of everyone from Food Lion. This does not mean they will move! Ingles has a fine location on the Northside of town to an area that does not have any grocery store.  With that being said Piggly Wiggly has a great location in Bowdon and they would be absolutely dumb to move to Carrollton. Let us put an end to this rumor. I am sure Laura Lynn and the Pig need to rest awhile.

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