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Murray’s Southern Diner

Murray’s Southern Diner located on 301 Bradley Street in Carrollton has recently opened.  This restaurant is located right next to City Hall and is formerly the Grapevine.  I have not had the chance to dine at Murray’s but I do plan to do so as soon as I get an opportunity.  I have heard nothing but great things about the restaurant from friends.  It looks like a good country cookin’ place.  They feature foods such as Smothered Chicken, Baked Chicken, and Meatloaf.  They appear to be in a fantastic location downtown right off the square and there is ample parking nearby.  There is the huge parking lot right across from City Hall which I would find very convenient.  I recently stopped by and looked in the windows and it looks very nice inside.  I have heard a lot about their Fried Chicken in particular.  On their door it says that they are closed Saturday and Sunday so if you are going to dine at Murray’s be sure to do so Monday through Friday.  Please support local businesses such as this one.  Give it a try and tell us what you think.  While you are in there tell them we would love to have their menu on thecarrolltonmenu.com.  Chow Down Atlanta Link – Click Here

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Jonathan Dockery
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