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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

If you have not been to The Wash Bowl in Carrollton right off the square you have to check this place out!  They offer a variety of services that you may not expect them too.  Wash Bowl Laundry and Linen has been a fixture of the City of Carrollton since 1958.  The current owners, Neal and Lisa Herndon have owned it for 15 years.  They are incredible people and chances are you will see them behind the counter.  They love their business and are very customer oriented.  I personally love a business where the owners are not afraid to work themselves and this definitely takes place at the Wash Bowl.  Ten years ago the Wash Bowl became the largest laundry in town when it moved into its location at 420 Newnan Street in downtown Carrollton.  It is located across from First Baptist Church and the Courthouse.  Something unique about the Wash Bowl is that it was the first coin laundry in Carrollton to become a “card” laundry.  The Wash Bowl’s high tech card system frees customers from carrying around quarters to do their laundry.  This is a very neat system and one that I personally find very useful.  I hate keeping up with change and making sure I have enough.  The special card system allows the Wash Bowl to reward it’s customers with Bonus Points to then be redeemed for Bonus Money toward both washing and drying.  Take a moment and pause and guess just how much money  the Wash Bowl gave away in Bonus Money last year.  The Wash Bowl gave away $23,000 in bonus dollars that were put toward laundry expenses!  If you have not given the Wash Bowl a try you must today they are a wonderful locally owned and operated business.  When you stop in tell them you read about the on TheCarrolltonMenu.com.

Below is a description of services the Wash Bowl offers with a quick summary:

Wash-Dry-Fold Service
Their Drop Off laundry service makes life easy for lots of folks in the Carroll County area. Customers bring their laundry to their attendants who then wash, dry and fold the customer’s clothes. This service is very popular with busy college students, single men, and desperate housewives! An “Express Service” is also available when people need clean clothes in a couple of hours. Wash Bowl attendants can handle any sized order from 10 pounds to a “Ton” of clothes. The cost is only a $1.00 a pound.

Linen Service
They offer a Table Linen Service for local restaurants, churches and events planners. Fresh table cloths and napkins can be rented at an affordable price. Fresh linens always enhance the elegant dining experience. We offer pick up and deliver in the Carroll, Haralson and Coweta county areas.

Comforter Wash Special!
They will wash any size comforter for $11.95.
Down comforters are priced at $13.95

Wash, Dry & Fold Service
Never do laundry again. The Wash Bowl Laundry has attendants that will do your laundry for you. Just drop off your dirty laundry and come back to pick up fresh clean folded laundry. Imagine clean clothes for just $1.00 a pound.

You can find the Wash Bowl on facebook here: LIKE their page http://www.facebook.com/WashBowl

Check out the Wash Bowl’s Awesome shirts that say Show Me Your Undies!  They are only $10.00!  You better know I have a shirt.