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Best Buy Closes 2 Metro Area Stores

Best Buy hasn’t had a very good year. They posted a $1.7B loss in the 4th quarter. So then they announced 400 corporate jobs would be axed. Also the CEO Brian Dunn resigned with an investigation of misappropriation of company funds. This happened while in a relationship with a 29 year old company employee of the training institute. Best Buy officials locally have decided to close 2 stores in the area. The first one is located in Fayetteville on 128 Pavillion Pwy and then the Loganville Store will close at 4014 Atlanta Highway. Both stores will close May 12. No word on any closing sales at this time. Another store that really caught my eye was a busy store in Nashville, TN at Hickory Hollow Mall. In all 50 stores will close nationwide. Your Douglasville, Newnan, and Anniston stores are safe and will stay open.

(My Opinion) All I have to say is Best Buy please don’t become another Circuit City. It seems Amazon and other online retailers are seriously hurting you and causing you to become extremely distracted. I honestly wish that you could some how match Amazon’s prices and become the top place to get out of your house and shop for electronics.

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