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NOW CLOSED : For only 7 more days will there  be a K-mart in Douglasville. As we stated back in December this closure is all part of Sears Holdings restructuring plans. Many Georgia K-Mart and Sears stores are closing. I did happen to go in K-mart a few days ago and I will say that the closing sale just seemed like a regular AD sale. No huge markdowns that I saw. When I think of a markdown I see 75% off signs. That would make it worth my money to buy lots of things. Hopefully during these last 7 days K-mart can slash the prices a bit more so they can clean house. I am seeing many rumors of what would replace the former K-mart location. Whole Foods is one that keeps coming up. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I personally don’t see this happening because of the other stores in the center. Most likely the developers would have to demolish the entire shopping center and beautify the area for a Whole Foods. Hopefully soon we can confirm any rumor that we hear. What would you like to see?  Full Closing List

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