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Why Can’t Carrollton Have What Other Cities Have?

This question is by far the #1 question I get everyday. The answer is very simple. Many cities that have brand name restaurants and shopping also have an interstate that runs within the city limits. An interstate brings jobs and several new choices in dinning and shopping. Take Douglasville & Newnan for example. Douglasville’s population is only about 10,000 more people than Carrollton but the city is split with I-20. Newnan is bigger in population than Carrollton by roughly 12,000 people. Newnan is home to several wonderful restaurants and great shopping but lacks arteries in and out of the city because of it’s recent growth. Newnan is also split by a major interstate which is I-85. Interstates bring a population boost in these areas. Carrollton has Highway 166 which is a state highway and NOT an interstate. Highway 166 originally was supposed to be a partial interstate moving west from Southwest Atlanta to Douglasville. The portion of Highway 166 that runs from Greenbriar Mall to the Downtown Connector was finished as a controlled access highway. This means a highway with exits and not stop lights. Unfortunately I-20 was built about 10-15 miles from the city so travelers are more likely to bypass our great city of Carrollton.  If Carrollton did not have the University of West Georgia and other fine industry we would not have a Target and other places. Many stores and restaurants look at city demographics as well. They look at income levels and how densely populated an area is. Carroll County has exceeded 100,000 in the population and this helps get more eateries in our city. Also if your town has a license to pour liquor then you may start seeing other eateries come. We must be patient and let our city grow in it’s own time. Carrollton has a new Technology Park that will soon bring many jobs to our city and let us grow more. Also Greenway is expanding. This is the perfect time for new companies to scout out Carrollton for a location. The Carrollton Menu will stay on top of it and try to let you know first what is coming here. Let us stop a few rumors please. Petsmart is not coming to Carrollton. Sam’s Club is not coming. Best Buy is not coming here. Red Lobster I would say in 5 years or so. Dardin already has Longhorn and Olive Garden. They will have to wait and see how those do. Bass Pro Shops is not coming here. Target is not expanding in the area for now. Jimmy Johns is looking for locations near UWG. Anything else you want to know just submit a tip to us and we can research it. Remember though that Carrollton is 10-15 miles from an interstate. I am very surprised of what is coming here and what we have already. Anything can happen.


Populations are based on 2010 census 

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Jonathan Dockery
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