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Family Pet Tips and Finding A Lost Pet



What can you do to help prevent your family dog from going missing?

–        Keep your dog safely on leash or in a fenced yard when outside.

–        Play with your dog and spend time together outside so they enjoy your yard and see it as a fun place to stay and be.

–        Teach your dog to enjoy coming when called.

–        Walk the neighborhood frequently with your dog.  Your neighbors will learn to recognize you and your dog, which could make it easier for neighbors to help should your dog become lost.

What can you do to help find your dog if s/he does go missing?

–        Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with ID tags.  ID tags should contain a contact number that will get people in touch with you as quickly as possible.

–        Have your dog micro-chipped and keep your contact information updated.

–        Put up a sign in your front yard letting neighbors know your pet is missing.  Very often, people will walk the neighborhood where the dog is found, trying to find the family s/he belongs to.

–        Contact local veterinarian offices to see if anyone has come in with your dog’s description.

–        Visit the local animal shelter to see if your dog has been picked up or turned in.

–        Utilize social media outlets, such as Facebook to post a picture of your missing pet.  Ask friends to share your post and keep a lookout for your dog when in the area.

–        Many dogs go missing during holiday celebrations that include fireworks.  Keep your dogs safely confined inside during these celebrations and turn on the TV or radio to help drown out the sounds from outside.


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