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What Happened To Hookum’s?

Many readers of The Carrollton Menu have voiced their concerns about Hookum’s. Originally, Hookum’s was supposed to be a seafood and oyster bar but quickly changed into something else. After several emails from readers, I made a few phone calls. The owner of the establishment said the restaurant was not open yet and was undergoing some changes. I looked up “Hookum’s” on Facebook and found that it is now a nightclub and has been operating as such since August. So, if you want oysters for dinner you unfortunately may have to look elsewhere — for now at least. I will keep you updated if they decide to change back to the original plans.

(Please keep in mind that your views and opinions are welcomed. I have the right to remove or hide all inappropriate comments. Every business owner has a right and freedom to operate their establishment in how they choose fit. ) 

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Jonathan Dockery
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