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Construction at the Former Bank in Sandhill

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Remember the former Bank of the Ozarks and First Choice Bank? I never figured out why we had a Bank of the Ozarks. Quite an interesting place to put one. Anyway this building has been vacant for such a long time. It now has a new owner. According to one of our sources the name will be Trust One Financial Services. Which our Carroll County Development sources tell us it will become a credit card and debit card processing data center. Currently construction crews are adding onto the back of the former bank. A permit box does sit in front of the bank.

First Choice Bank was closed on April 29, 2011. It was then acquired by Bank of The Ozark’s out of Little Rock , Ar. Shortly after Bank of The Ozark’s closed permanently.

Now if you need to know what the former bank on Highway 27 at Highway 113 will be click here.

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