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Chives Closes Storefront on Highway 27



Chives was a really neat locally owned hair shop in the shopping center next to Burger King off South Park Street in Carrollton. Chives used ALL NATURAL and Organic hair products for their shop. It was the first of it’s kind in Carrollton. Unfortunately Chives closed after moving next to Big Chic. They moved from the shopping center by Burger King because of other hair shops in the center. But Chives did not last long at all after their move. The store even offered some of the same hair products that Whole Foods carried. They will now offer the same products online. Chives opened their first location in January of 2012. Below is a Facebook post about the closure.

CHIVES is Closed down. Sorry about that. Every time I told people I end up staying. Sorry about the incon., but we have decided that online is the best way to go. Even though, hands on was the best way, there was lots of people who took advantage of it and didn’t use it properly, but to those who I have helped along the way I wish you the best. Especially the girl at UWG! – Facebook

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