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Vape N Stead (E-Cigarette Store) Now Open Next To Irish Bred Pub

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An E-cigarette store called Vape N Stead has opened to the left of the Irish Bred Pub. We broke the news of the new store on Aug 15th. Confirmation was verified via Twitter of the opening. E-cigarettes are meant to stimulate and substitute tobacco smoking. Not really a fad but more of a futuristic way of smoking. Most likely with the growth you will see other stores popping up in other areas. The owner of Vape-N-Stead receives his liquid from Black Mountain, NC. A very touristy and open minded area. The owner hopes to help make the public aware of a healthy alternative for smoking. These products however are not approved by the FDA and are going through some congressional talks with taxation.  Make sure you stop by Vape N Stead and give them a try!

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Jonathan Dockery
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