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LinB Designs Opens on Bradley Street

LinB Designs

Lin Barnett just opened a store off Bradley Street in the same building as The Salon on Bradley. LinB Designs features custom made clothing for children and babies, tuts and frilly stuff for little girls, crochet and knitted hats, scarves, shawls, and popular jewelry pieces. For over 40 years, Lin has sewed and altered clothing for the public from her home and then in 2005 she opened a yarn store. She moved her business to Ewe Knit ,which was then her yarn store. The Carrollton Police Department used Lin for their uniforms and several dry cleaners in the area. Later the Fire Department came on board as well! She has now combined all her business into one at Lin B Designs. Something fun that you may not know is she designed sweaters for the rapper P Diddy in 2007. Her store is open on Bradley Street from 10-5 on Tuesdays through Thursday.  She can be reached at 770-316-4281