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Multiple Land Clearing Projects Underway On Cottage Hill Rd

450 Cottage Hill

You might have noticed all the land clearing projects going on all throughout Cottage Hill Rd. Turning left onto Cottage Hill Rd from Hays Mill Rd / Bypass area, trees are coming down to the left near the AAA Storage area. This is for an expansion project that we announced several months ago. AAA Storage will add RV parking along with other amenities. Just drive a few feet away from that and there is a clearing project happening at 450 Cottage Hill Rd. At this time the developer is just clearing timber to possibly have this land rezoned. Several indications lead to some sort of office building. Continue down Cottage Hill Rd and you might see several construction vehicles in front of Cottage Landing. According to a previous story we released this summer, Cottage Landing is expanding their facility. Read More Here. The Cottage Landing project was placed on hold for a few months. The scheduled construction was October but now is about to begin.

In other news Glen Eagles off Hays Mill Rd is adding additonal parking for Greenway which is now in the former Airtran / Southwest call center.