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What’s New, What’s Gone…Arbor Place March Update.

Envy Me, located next to Pink at Arbor Place
Envy Me, located next to Pink at Arbor Place

As we promised at the launch, we will from time to time give updates on what drives a good portion of the economy in Douglasville, Arbor Place Mall. Our intention is to wait and do these updates sporadically to not repeat ourselves. But over the last month and especially the last few days, so much news regarding Arbor Place has hit our inbox that we had to do an updated look. Here’s a look at the March edition of the Arbor Place Update: What’s new, what’s gone, and what’s to come:

New Square Clothing, located in the former Body Central.
New Square Clothing, located in the former Body Central

What’s New/Updated: Starting our look at what’s new is a newcomer to the Atlanta Area, New Square Clothing. Located in the former Body Central location on the ground floor, this store offers the latest in urban wear and accessories. A little digging notes that so far the only other location in Georgia is at The Mall at Stonecrest. There are other locations outside of GA in North Carolina and Virginia. Arbor Place seems to be getting in on the ground floor of new locations as last years newcomers French Fry Heaven and Fashion to Figure opened their first GA locations at Arbor Place. On the top floor you’ll find a new boutique in the space next to the new Pink store. Envy Me is one of a few independent stores to grace Arbor Place, and upon inspection Sat looks to be drawing in some new clients. In addition to these new stores, several vacant spots on the top floor have been renovated, split in half and are awaiting new tenants. A couple of locations have updated their looks. Chick-fil-A caused a small panic when it closed a few weeks ago for a planned renovation of their Food Court location. Within a few days, they were back up and running with the new look. Dollar Tree on the ground floor is currently in the process of a store renovation. We’ll have a look at the finished product on our next update in the Spring. Avenues Newsstand, the popular go to for snack goers is getting the new look on the outside of their spot.


The former Crush location near the top center court.
The former Crush location near the top center court

What’s Gone: A few stores also left the mall these past few months as we reported. We did stories on RadioShack and Body Central back in January. Both retailers are being restructured and the problems are national in nature. Crush, a former accessories store also closed their location after the Holidays.

Francesca's new location as reported in February
Francesca’s new location as reported in February

What’s to Come: Over the last few weeks we have done stories about 2 national chains opening at Arbor Place. Francesca’s Collection is a higher end Women’s clothing and boutique with locations currently at Town Center, North Point, Avalon, and the Avenues at West and East Cobb. Arbor Place’s location will be the first Francesca’s in the Western and S.Western Suburbs. The new location will be adjacent to Victoria’s Secret on the top floor. The same also goes for Torrid, a story we broke last week. Torrid, which is owned by Hot Topic Inc. with other locations at Town Center, North Point and the Mall of Georgia, will build their new location on the bottom floor next to Macy’s where Ashley Stewart was located. Ashley Stewart closed last year after the company restructured following bankruptcy.

Torrid's new home, formally Ashley Stewart.
Torrid’s new home, formally Ashley Stewart

We will have another update this spring on what has opened and any closings that happen at the mall between now and then. At last count there are currently 9 vacancies throughout the mall, most on the top floor where the empty spaces were renovated into two locations. With all these new national chains Arbor Place has snagged in the last few months, it will be interesting to see what other catches mall management can reel in for West Georgia’s shopping destination.

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