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Coweta County’s School Buses Receive High marks in Annual State Inspections

2015 Bus Inspections shop crew CCSS

The Coweta County School System’s bus fleet concluded annual inspections by the Georgia Department of Public Safety this week, and passed with flying colors.
The state of Georgia conducts thorough inspections of school buses each year in March. Officials with the Georgia’s Motor Compliance division inspected 289 Coweta County school buses over a two-week period, concluding on Monday, March 16.
“Everything looked great,” said Elroy Tolbert, a Motor Compliance Officer with the Georgia Department of Public Safety who conducted the inspections at the school system’s transportation shop on Selt Road in Newnan.
“They are doing a fantastic job here,” said Tolbert. “I can sleep at ease knowing the students in Coweta County are on safe buses. They run a very tight ship.”
Superintendent Steve Barker and Operations and Safety Director Doug Moore congratulated maintenance staff at the end of the inspections Monday, and thanked them for keeping students safe. “I know this isn’t a two-week proposition for you. It’s your focus all year long,” said Barker.
“I’m very proud of our maintenance personnel,” said Transportation Manager Judy Gresham. “They work hard to keep buses serviced and safe throughout the year, and that shows up in these annual state inspections.”
In addition to the state inspection, Coweta buses are inspected locally on a regular monthly maintenance schedule, said Coweta transportation maintenance shop foreman Keith McCullough.
Coweta County school buses transport approximately 14,000 students to and from schools over 12,000 miles of county roads daily (travelling over 2.2 million miles annually).

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