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Rome Restaurant Opened for 80 Years Now Closed

Steve Hill

– UPDATE : From the Rome News and Tribune : Founder’s daughter to re-open Partridge Restaurant, go back to traditional Southern menu. More details http://bit.ly/1FxruOx


Past Story :

My brother, David Dockery currently lives in Rome, GA with his wife Maegan Dockery and we have all been frequent guests to the Partridge Restaurant on multiple occasions. The unique restaurant moved to this location off 330 Broad Street in 1962 from the original spot at 600 Broad Street, which is now a parking deck for Wells Fargo Bank. The Partridge Restaurant opened in 1933 during the Great Depression by John E. Jacobs. It was a family business. The restaurant has been featured in many newspapers and visited by celebrities and presidents. The closure which according to patron Steve Hill happened sometime on Friday, June 12th. Their Facebook page no longer exists as well. A fantastic website in the Rome area that keeps the community updated featured this particular closure. You can read more by clicking here  and see pictures. It remains unclear what the future holds for this historic restaurant.


Picture sent in from Doug Hayden with credit to Steve Hill