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More Pets Go Missing Around July 4th Than Any Other Holiday


More pets go missing around the July 4th holiday than any other time of year.  To help keep your pets safe, keep them indoors, away from the scary sounds, smells, and vibrations of fireworks.

Many pets will still be frightened, but there are many products out there to help them feel less scared.

A few of the products available:

Thundershirt -Through a Dog’s Ear music, including a Canine Noise Phobia series, with a desensitization program for fireworks
Anxitane – nutritional supplement to reduce stress
Adaptil – natural pheromone aid

For more information on reducing stress and keeping your pets safe during the July 4th celebrations, contact Laura at [email protected]. Visit our website for training information and opportunities:  www.unleashthepawsitive.com.
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