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LED Lights for Villa Rica

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)



Georgia Power is completing the installation of new LED lighting along South Carroll Road in Villa Rica. The existing 12 street lights have been removed and are being replaced by 24 new energy-efficient LED lights on approximately every other utility pole from U.S. Highway 78 south to Georgia 61. Many of the older lights had inconsistent wattage; all new lights will be a uniform 220 watts. The lights are expected to be fully operational by tomorrow. Although the city has doubled the number of lights and extended service all the way down to Georgia 61, some locations that historically had a street light in front of their business may no longer have such because of the new spacing of the LED fixtures. The new lights also have a different look and feel from the older style but are expected to illuminate the entire stretch of the heavily-traveled roadway. For more information, contact City Hall at http://villarica.org/contacts/contact-us/ or 770-459-7000


The above text was taken from the City of Villa Rica Facebook page.