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Small Business Re-Brands, Upgrades, and Expands To A Second Location


The heart of small business shows within this particular business in Carrollton. Bahama Tan was bought a few years ago by Ann Strickland in the South Park Plaza Center off Highway 27. Within those few years she has re-branded, upgraded, and now has expanded her business. Bahama Tan Too is now open for business off 120 Cunningham Drive directly behind McDonald’s on Maple Street. It is also located directly across West GA Drive and The Oaks. The location screams easy access to Beach Front Tans! Bahama Tan has also been an encouragement and partner in what we do as The Carrollton Menu. We are so happy to work so close together. The owners, Ann, Julie, and Corey have worked extremely long hours to get Bahama Tan all ready for the opening! Even Julie’s husband Mike has pitched in to help get the build out finished. As you can tell by the pictures the tanning salon is bright and welcoming! Make sure you stop by and tell them we sent you! Congratulations on the second location!


120 Cunningham Dr
Carrollton GA 30117-2844
(678) 664-1108
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