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A New Building Milestone for Milestone Investments



Wow! This particular move surprised us yesterday! I was driving up Cedar Street to turn onto Coleman and all of a sudden I see a banner hanging down from the former Mitchell’s Home Accents and Gifts location. It reads, “Future Home of MM Milestone Investment Management.” This beautiful house on Newnan Street is such a perfect location for Michael Stone’s investment company. Everyone is really going to enjoy sitting around the front porch watching the Fourth of July Parade. The location at 206 Mandeville Avenue is currently in the process of moving to 551 Newnan Street. As you might know Mitchell’s Home Accents and Gifts closed a few weeks ago. Their business location was not on the market for long with Ms. Paula Waters. Milestone Investment Management’s former┬álocation was very difficult to find for some and now this new location will be a prime spot. Each week you might see Milestone Investment Management’s Milestone of the Week. This move most certainly is a milestone for them. The business helps people of all ages build and maintain personal financial portfolios so that you can be financially stable in life. They believe that true wealth is about more than money. Let Milestone Investment Management help you with finding the right investment portfolio for your future. We congratulate Michael Stone and his team for this amazing accomplishment. Stop by for Lemonade during the July 4th People’s Parade.