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Long Time Vacant Ingles Center Spot Gets Tenant

Long Vacant Old Movie Gallery finally lands a tenant
Long Vacant Old Movie Gallery finally lands a tenant

Part of the way we work at the Douglasville Menu and indeed all The City Menus sites is through follower tips and emails, and our followers had a great hand in this latest story. We’ve had many questions into the Menu over the last few weeks about the Movie Gallery spot in the Ingles shopping center on Fairburn Rd and Pope Rd. Several followers noticed signs of work going on the spot, but a stop work order was placed in the window by the City of Douglasville. Naturally, we emailed the city to find out what was going on. Turns out, issues with the building permit have been resolved and work is on once again for a beauty supply store called Beauty Island. A positive for this shopping center as the entire south end of the structure past Ingles has sat vacant for years, first with Rite-Aid moving further down Fairburn Rd, and then Movie Gallery closing nationwide. The outdoor sign was put up in the last few days, and construction crew members were in there working this weekend. The work appears to be progressing along that the store should open in the next few weeks, early next month at the very latest providing there are no other issues with the work going on inside that spot. ¬†We’ll keep you posted on the opening or any changes in the construction schedule. Hopefully with this opening, several other openings are in sight for the remainder of the stores that have long been vacant breathing new life into this older center.

Thanks again to Tami Acree for the pics!

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