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MZHS Teachers Receive Carroll EMC Bright Ideas Grants

Bright Ideas Bideas


(Carrollton, Ga. ­ January 6, 2016) Two Mt. Zion High teachers were recently awarded Carroll EMC Bright

Ideas Grants to fund innovative and creative educational projects for their students. Carroll EMC awards

grants of up to $1,000 to public school educators, teaching grades pre­K through 12, for classroom­based

projects in a variety of subjects. The two MZHS teachers were awarded grants totaling $1,990.00.

Mrs. Linda Ledbetter, science department chair, plans to use the gift to fund special projects for the Eagle

Block sewing and cooking classes. Eagle Block provides learning opportunities for students that they may

not otherwise be able to experience. According to Mrs. Ledbetter, “we are teaching life skills that will

strengthen the foundation of which they will build their lives.”

Mr. Barry Rollins, math department chair and STEM Club sponsor, will use the donation to purchase

materials to use in the construction of hovercrafts, using mainly wood and leaf blowers. Mr. Rollins is

excited not only about sharing with his students the engineering and science behind the construction, but

also plans for a friendly competition between the students and the machines.