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Possible Development Coming To Busy Intersection

Possible development coming soon to this busy intersection
Possible development coming soon to this busy intersection

For years now the busy intersection at Stewart Mill Road and Yancy Road/W. Stewart Mill Road has held  numerous “for sale” signs from different development firms. Until now the signs seemed to have been ignored, but we received a new development flyer that would indicate this is about to change. The two corners on the eastern side of the intersection will be up for bid this April for development. Currently those two sites are located in the county, and both are zoned GC (General Commercial). This zoning means the businesses that could be built there range from new gas stations or convenience stores, to small shopping strips, or a couple of fast food places. What wouldn’t be built there?  Mainly due to the limited size of the parcels, there couldn’t be any industrial development, homes, duplexes or apartment buildings. We should also note that this intersection is about to be reconfigured much like the intersection reconfiguration going on this year at Post Road and Highway 78. Construction on that project is supposed to begin sometime this year or early next year. We at the Menu will be watching these possible developments and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Below is the flyer that was sent out about the bidding for these parcels:

Hagen Flyer



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