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Encore Decor Downtown Newnan


Over the weekend we spotted some activity inside Encore Decor in Downtown Newnan. Several parties have sparked interest in this particular spot. According to a Facebook post on Encore Decor’s page they were scheduled to close on March 1st. However signs are in the windows regarding a sale still ongoing. We will update you more on this space in the coming days. See below for a previous post from their Facebook page.

Have you heard??? 

Encore decor is taking a new direction. We will be closing our store at 8 Greenville St to focus on custom request, including furniture refinishing, repairing, and repurposing while continuing to gather unique and one of a kind finds. Beginning Tuesday, February 2nd, all inventory will be 25% off! Beginning February 15th, all inventory will be up to 50% off! Doors will close March 1, 2016. Help us spread the word!