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Hwy 5 Kroger “Resets” As Hospital Drive Begins Replacements

photo credit: Google
photo credit: Google

Last September the Hospital Drive Kroger went through a complete reset of their grocery and drug/general merchandise departments. It was set to Kroger industry standards and grouped like items together and everyday fast-movers together. Now it’s Highway 5 Kroger’s turn to get the same reset. Currently, the store is in a bit of rough shape, but that is necessary for them to be able to move everything together like the reset did at Hospital Drive. In addition to the reset, the Highway 5 store also is in the process of changing out their older perishable cases that were not replaced over the last several remodels. You’ll soon see new equipment in the produce, meat and deli departments. Hospital Drive will also be getting their new cases and replacement shelving starting next week on August 15. By the end of September both stores will be complete, with the upgrades ready for the approaching holiday season.  The resulting shopping experience will be well worth whatever inconvenience we may experience over the next weeks.

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