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Now You Can Have Your Own Chef!

Just after we purchased the facility and before the remodeling began!

Four years ago Jason and Lindsey Faircloth moved to Carrollton with two little boys. They had aspirations of settling down in the community that Lindsey had grown up in; and over three years’ time, they had welcomed two more little boys to their family. It was at that point the idea of a small business came about. Lindsey realized dinners around the table were becoming less and less frequent as their lives grew fuller. A meal that was healthy, minimally processed, and made from fresh ingredients was important, and so too was the time to sit and enjoy it with her family. The Sous Chef concept was born.


Lindsey was still teaching at West Georgia Technical College, so it wasn’t acted upon immediately. It wasn’t really until Jason expressed his frustration with the fact that local organizations doing so much good work in our community had to constantly work on raising funds. The idea for a small business that met a growing need while also allowing customers a means by which to give back was solidified. After a couple of years of vetting the idea, she is excited to bring the people of the Carrollton area a way to get people back to the dinner table.  Thanks to the “one-for-one” mentality of their business’s culture, they hope sales also mean that those in our community living with food insecurity can benefit. For every serving purchased, The Sous Chef will make a one pound equivalent donation to the local food charity, Open Hands.

Meals. Made. Easy.

The process is simple. Lindsey sends out a weekly “Ready to eat” menu via text, email, and social media. Customers order in advance online for the day of the upcoming week that they need a little help with dinner. Then they drop by and grab it on their way home on that day. If they didn’t foresee the need and order ahead or just want to stock up for the week, they can grab the frozen entrees and sides to heat and eat at home.

You don’t have to order ingredients in the mail from parts unknown. You don’t have to prep it and cook it. You don’t have pots and pans to clean up. What you do have is dinner time and more time for other things. Lindsey and her family love being part of this community. They hope it shows through her new business. By the way, if you are looking for a little community, they will still serve locally sourced coffee and delicious pastries for which this store location is already famous (they are in the former Bella Coffee space in Westover Square next to American Pie) while also offering a variety of Georgia-based food products as retail items.

Pictured here are the 4 Faircloth boys. When the boys heard mom was starting a business that would have sweet treats along with the meals you could say they were excited.


Featured Article by on The City Menus, LLC by The Sous Chef

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