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Major Remodel Slated For Walmart In 2017

A possible new look for our Walmart? Photo Credit: Walmart
A possible new look for our Walmart? Photo Credit: Walmart


Built in 1999 the Walmart on Concourse Parkway is one of the busiest retailers in the City of Douglasville. Several times the interior has been updated to the newer look of the Walmart brand, but only once has the exterior been updated, and that was no more than a new coat of paint. Recent construction documents have revealed that Walmart has a much grander project in store for the Douglasville Walmart Center. The documents indicate a whole slew of demolitions and new construction for the exterior of the store, changes that would give the older Walmart the look and feel of a brand new store. A new facade is planned with better lighting and weather shelters for protection and shade. New planters are going to be installed, as well as completely new entrances for two sides of the store, plus the usual updates to the inside of the store to match the newest look from Walmart corporate.

As of now, construction is slated to start in 2017. We would like to caution, however, that this project has been on hold since early 2015, and the construction documents indicate that the 2017 date is still tentative. We will keep a special eye on this project because it would be one of the largest retail renovations Douglasville has seen in a long time. Keep it here for updates.

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