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Demolition Begins on Old Theater at First Tuesday Mall

Melissa W

Demolition of a portion of First Tuesday Mall began on Thursday to remove a structure that was once a movie theater in Carrollton. Kris Roser, of RCG Ventures, confirmed the demolition project was underway.

“The building that once housed Carrollton’s movie theater is being torn down, but we are not confirming what will be put in its place at this time,” said Roser.

Roser said no specific timeline has been determined for the demolition of the theater, which was a popular hangout for Carrollton youth for decades.

“It’s been there since the mid-to-late 70’s, and I remember it being a popular place for us to hang out when I was in high school,” said Carrollton-Carroll County Chamber of Commerce President Daniel Jackson.

“The older movie theater had two separate theaters which were constructed on a sloping surface, which limited any other use of the building than a theater,” said Jackson. “The theater shut down shortly before Stadium Cinemas opened up.”

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Picture from Inside Old Theater taken in 2014