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La Finca: A Mexican Getaway in the Heart of Carrollton

To find true, authentic Mexican cuisine, one could travel several hours from Carrollton, Georgia, deep into the heart of Mexico. Far away, in the rural areas of the Mexican prairie, travelers will find small ranches nestled amongst hills and cactus of the countryside.

Fortunately, for those unable to travel the distance, La Finca Mexican Restaurant brings the same traditional Mexican food and recipes to Carrollton. Alex Terrell says his family, who owns La Finca, styles their restaurant and food after what one may find at a real Mexican ranch.

“The name, “La Finca,” means “a ranch,” or getaway in Spanish,” says Terrell. “It’s where people might go to get away from everything, and grow their own crops, and raise cattle. It’s where you will find real, authentic Mexican food.”

Terrell says his family wants to give customers a traditional experience at La Finca, much like they may find in a city like Uruapan, Mexico, where his family is from.

“You can find fincas all around that part of Mexico, and we offer the same food you would eat at a finca, like farm-raised steak, cactus, and other foods,” says Terrell. “We serve the same kind of food you will find there, which is cactus, cow tongue tacos, and mojarra, which is fried whole tilapia.”

La Finca is located just a stone’s throw from Scott Evans Nissan on Bankhead Highway. The appearance of the restaurant’s interior and exterior resemble a very festive scene with bright red and orange colors.

Patrons can enjoy Latin music playing gently in the background, and décor that reflects an authentic Mexican finca.

Terrell says the salsa is made fresh daily; and his mother, Naomi says it comes from a family recipe that can be traced back for decades.

La Finca offers both hot and mild salsa. Both have an excellent taste, but the hot salsa packs an extra little kick at the end of each bite, which is quite nice for those who enjoy a more lively recipe. The thickness of the salsa is a happy medium between thick and thin. The freshness of the tomatoes in the salsa makes it a recipe that all will enjoy.  

The chunky guacamole is made to order with perfect consistency and the correct ratio of guacamole to cilantro.

Instead of a typical cheese dip, La Finca has a Ranchero cheese dip that offers shrimp, chicken, and steak to bolster the flavor.


Be one of the first 25 people to print this article and bring it to La Finca, and you can enjoy the addition of a free cheese dip to your order.

Our foodie reviewer had the privilege of enjoying the Molcajete, which is a traditional Mexican dish containing a variety of ingredients.

The molcajete is a stone bowl which is traditionally carved from lava rock found in Mexico.

“Where we are from, there is a very large volcano, and you can find lots of volcanic rocks, which are easy to carve, so people use the rocks to make bowls out of them,” says Terrell. “The Molcajete is served in a large, heavy bowl. It’s a family dish—everything that’s on the menu, you can find on the molcajete.”

The Molcajete is a more traditional Mexican dish, and also one of the most flavorful dishes one can find. The entree contains Mexican sausage, Mexican cheese, steak, shrimp, chicken, carnitas, and cactus.

“The dish is brought out piping hot, and is cooked in front of you as the massive bowl is brought to the table,” says The Carrollton Menu’s Foodie.

The meats are also cooked in a traditional tomatillo green sauce, which our Foodie describes as, “so good you could put it on a boot and it would be great.”

The sauce has a little sweetness that works well with the acidity of the tomatillo.

La Finca has lunch, dinner, and drink specials throughout the week, and also offers a full bar. According to our Foodie, the cuisine is better than your typical Mexican restaurant, and certainly deserves a try.

“We customize any dish, so if there’s anything you think of, we can make it,” says Terrell. “We invite everyone to come try our authentic Mexican food.”

P.S. Taco Tuesday offers 99-cent tacos, and kids eat FREE Saturday night.  

La Finca Mexican Restaurant is located at 727 Bankhead Highway in Carrollton. To find out more about La Finca, call 678-664-0826 or visit their Facebook page at La Finca Mexican Bar & Grill.

Foodie Review Rating: 4.45 of 5.0

Price Rating: $$

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