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    Local Couple Transforms Old Church into Apartment Housing

    A new apartment-housing project off Maple Street is moving forward after a recent ruling by the Carrollton Planning Commission recommended approval by the City Council for the project.

    The apartments will be located inside a former church building on Burson Avenue.

    “My wife and I like to buy older buildings, and houses, and fix them up,” says property owner Jim Beck. “It’s something we really enjoy, and we are very proud of this project. We’ve managed to turn a building that was going to be torn down into some really nice apartments.”

    If approved by the City Council, the 1,600 square-foot, 2-story building will feature four separate apartments. Beck purchased the property in 2016. “It was really in disrepair,” he said. “It sat vacant for about a year, and was about to be torn down when we bought it. It breaks my heart when I see an older building—with so much character—be torn down.”

    The project has been recommended for approval by the City Planning Commission, which will visit the issue during April’s Council meeting.