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    The Complex Training Center: A Family of Fitness

    The Complex Training Center’s new, all-purpose training facility is a one-of-a-kind program that accommodates people of all backgrounds and age groups. The program, known as OTz, is gaining notoriety as an inclusive, focused training regimen that has yielded outstanding results for participants.

    The OTz program is built around a fitness method first developed for a local high school wrestling team.

    Certified personal trainer and Complex Fitness Director, Wynter McKinley describes the OTz training regimen as a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) “where we set up a circuit type setting with a minimum of 12 stations, each station lasts about 30 seconds in length.

    “We have your typical dumbbells and barbells, but we also use a wide variety of non-traditional equipment such as tires, ropes, steel pipes, chains, sledgehammers, and sandbags, to name a few. Believe it or not, the use of these creates a very effective fitness program that will yield big results.”

    The Complex recently moved to a new location on Columbia Drive in Carrollton. The gym originally opened as a facility that worked with young wrestlers to help develop skills and technique, as well as increase physical fitness.

    The Complex owner Trey Travis says he established his business in 2013 as a means to serve young athletes.

    “We started The Complex to help build the sport of wrestling and give other athletes the wrestling training experience,” says Travis. “Any athlete who undergoes wrestling conditioning can get better and strengthen their abilities for other sports. It’s extremely intense, and you have to be in peak physical condition to be competitive in the sport of wrestling.”

    Travis, a two-time state high school wrestling champion, had a vision to use the physical conditioning style he learned as a prep athlete to help adults achieve their own fitness goals. “We’re not just a wrestling facility anymore, we’re an all-purpose, all-athlete training center that can help anyone increase their level of physical fitness,” says Travis. “We still hold wrestling clinics, and training camps, but we are now open to a wider audience.”

    “My high school wrestling team used OTz, the fitness regimen developed by Coach Matt Young,” says Travis. “Our head coach, Tony Armas, had so much confidence in the regimen, that he devoted the physical conditioning portion of his practice time to Coach Young.”

    Travis describes his facility as a “garage gym.” “We think of it as a garage gym, because of the non-traditional equipment and how our workouts are created by our staff, based on everyday movements people do,” says Travis. “Our team of Certified Personal Trainers and Coaches look to help strengthen and increase endurance in our clients and members so they can perform better in whatever area they aim to improve.”

    “As we go through each rotation, we can modify everything we do in our class based on the individual’s needs and goals. The coach is constantly circling the room, adding weight or taking weight away. It’s almost like having a personal trainer right there with you in a class setting,” says McKinley. “Sometimes we like to mix it up a little and do something we like to call OTz Relays. This adds a little competitive fun to our workout, and our members like to call it ‘adult field day.’”

    Travis also highlights one thing that sets his gym apart from other training facilities in the west Georgia area. “We allow children under the age of 12 to come in, and workout,” says Travis. “We have a lot of parents that bring their children in, and the whole family gets to exercise. It’s really a great way to get in shape while having fun quality family time—plus we look at everyone that joins our gym as a member of our Complex family.”

    Kelley Crumbley started the OTz program more than a year ago. She describes the program as having changed her life, as well as her level of fitness. “I started OTz in August of 2015, and I thought at the time that I would not physically be able to do this type of work out. I was totally wrong,” says Crumbley. “It is something anyone can do because it can be modified to your fitness level. It’s difficult, yet addictive. It’s an exercise regimen you love to hate. I have seen huge differences in my strength and endurance and have noticed lots of muscle definition and tone. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday, and I can honestly say that because of a year and a half of OTz, I am stronger and in the best physical shape of my life.”

    Craig Sippola says that the Complex helped his son, Jarrett, improve his athletic ability and mental focus, and is directly responsible for his current career in college football.

    “If it wasn’t for OTz, and the Complex, my son wouldn’t be competing in Division I football right now,” says Sippola. “The way they approach the combination of body and mind helped him tremendously. They are very creative with their workouts. Matt put 18 pounds on himself in less than 6 months before going to play football at Western Kentucky.

    “I signed them up for the Complex to help him get in better shape for wakeboarding. He’s an 8-time state champ in wakeboarding. That’s how it started, and it evolved from there. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve spent money on lots of football camps and wakeboarding camps, and the best money I’ve ever spent was at the Complex.”

    Travis noted that The Complex is a faith-based training center that maintains a close-knit family atmosphere. “We are a faith-based gym, and we always end our workout sessions with The Lord’s prayer,” says Travis.

    The Complex offers a one-year membership for $35 per person per month. Each additional family member costs only $20 to join.

    Along with the one-year membership the Complex is currently offering a special rate of 20% off any personal training one-on-one session, and 10% off any camps offered by the facility throughout the summer.

    The Complex Training Center Open House/Gym is this Saturday March 25th from 9am-4pm.

    “We invite anyone looking to really get in shape to come give us a try. The first class is always free because we are very confident in our members’ having a positive experience, and positive results. When you join our gym, you’re not just a member, your our Complex family.”

    To learn more, visit The Complex Training Center’s Facebook page, or www.complextrainingcenter.com. Call 404-889-2612 for more details. Located at 302 Columbia Drive, Carrollton.