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OmniCall Receptionists Provide School Supplies for Women’s Shelter

OmniCall receptionists provide school supplies for women’s shelter continuing their partnership as “Women Serving Women”

Today, August 1st, 2017, OmniCall Receptionist Service joyfully delivered boxes and boxes of school supplies for the children of the local Women’s Shelter. Their partnership continues to grow each year as they have one obvious thing in common: WOMEN! OmniCall consists of 99% female Receptionists who thoroughly enjoy collecting various items every other month to donate to the shelter; hence the coined phrase, “Women Serving Women”. “We are so thankful for donors like OmniCall who make it possible for us to continue helping these women”, says Phyllis, Manager of the Women’s Shelter.

In the past couple of years, the Receptionists at OmniCall have provided the shelter with miscellaneous items as Martha, the shelter’s President, sees fit. A few of these donations include:
● Purses of Hope (Gently used purses filled with Hygiene Products)
● Clothing and Shoes
● Beauty Products Drive

OmniCall’s Call Center Manager, Amber Turner, is the creative mind behind the giving; Amber even creates incentives and goals for the Receptionists to reach in order to participate in delivering the goods. “I am just so thankful the ladies of our company have such giving hearts. I’ve witnessed how happy it makes them to donate these items we so often take for granted. It has definitely changed the atmosphere in the office. We look forward to assisting the kind ladies at the Shelter any chance we can”, says Emily Wilkins, Director of Marketing and Events.

About OmniCall: OmniCall Receptionist Service is a local based company consisting of 35-40 professionally trained Receptionists. They specialize in offering top-notch customer service and call handling for businesses all of the U.S. The Receptionists can assist businesses in many ways such as answering and transferring calls, taking messages, and scheduling appointments, all from their Studio on Thomas Newell Way in Carrollton. Their owner, Wayne Payne, was recently awarded as Small Business Person of the Year by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for his innovation in creating such a unique business over 27 years ago.


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