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    Ten Fold: Helping the Homeless

    A local business owner is launching a new effort to give back—tenfold. L.C. Reese, owner of iLIFT Tees, says his clothing line has just announced its Phase II initiative, Ten Fold, which provides ten shirts for homeless people throughout the west Georgia area for every single shirt purchased.

    “There’s no better feeling than doing something for someone that can’t do anything to repay you. That is truly giving,” said Reese. “With each Ten Fold shirt that someone buys, they are providing ten new shirts to homeless people in this area.”

    Reese came up with the idea after seeing homeless people throughout Carrollton, and noticing their clothes.

    “It’s tough to think about, but there are homeless people right here in Carrollton. Lots of them,” said Reese. “One thing you notice is that they usually wear the same clothes, and it doesn’t take long for a shirt or a pair of pants to get really dirty or worn out when you wear them all the time.”

    The Ten Fold shirts available for purchase are emblazoned with “Ten Fold, I Gave 10 Because of One.” The shirts that will be provided to local homeless will bear the words “I Got This Tee Because Someone Cared.”  

    His company is currently recruiting iLIFT ambassadors, who will go out into the community to hand out shirts and other supplies to the homeless.

    Reese is well-known throughout the Carrollton community, and is manager of Club Fitness, located on Maple Street. He founded iLIFT Tees in February, and has since watched the company grow.

    “I just wanted to provide people with quality shirts, with some neat designs, that they can wear to the gym or wherever,” said Reese. “I’ve always been an artist and graphic designer, so I came up with this as a way that I could blend my talents together to promote fitness and people bettering themselves.”

    He launched iLIFT’s Phase I initiative, which helped provide more than $6,500 for children’s cancer treatment, earlier this year.

    “One of our gym members has a daughter who was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer,” said Reese. “I saw how much of an impact it had on their family, and how much they had to go through, and I got the idea to have iLIFT’s Phase I to collect funds for child cancer research and treatment.”

    Since then Reese has dedicated 10 percent of all purchases to go to child cancer treatment and research. Reese is hoping his company’s Ten Fold initiative resonates with the local lifting community, as well as others in west Georgia.

    “I want this to be a movement for something greater. People go out and buy a Nike or Under Armour shirt for $40 or $50 and don’t even bat an eye,” said Reese. “Our Ten Fold shirts are $40 a piece. Not only are you buying a shirt for yourself, your $40 is going to help us give 10 people new shirts. If people would just stop and think about that, we could really get a huge amount of support.”

    “Together we will make a difference. Join us on this mission and let’s help as many people as we can,” said Reese. “When we do our monthly outreach and give the tees away, we will also be handing out waters and food for these people. We are iLIFT Nation.”

    Visit the iLIFT website at www.ilifttees.com, or connect with them on Facebook to learn more.

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