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Central High School Rolls Out Technology

Central High School rolled out new Chrome carts filled with a classroom set of Chromebooks to nearly every teacher. Mr. Jared Griffis, Central High School Principal, set the ambitious goal of putting one cart in each classroom to increase the use of technology enhancing teaching and instruction. Mr. Griffis said, “We want our students to learn real world skills using the Chromebooks. These skills learned in high school will seamlessly carry our students into the workplace or college.”

Chromebooks were paid for using a combination of local school money and SPLOST funds earmarked for technology. Each core-content teacher will have a cart filled with 30 Chromebooks. Students now have their own email account and access to Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and more.

Central High School will have nearly 1,000 Chromebooks in the school this year. That is nearly a one-to-one ratio of technology to student. “We are very excited about our advancement and we believe this opportunity will take out students in the right direction with their education, but it will also provide a valuable resource to our teachers, each and every day,” stated Principal Mr. Jared Griffis.