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    Revive Aesthetics Opens Business at Adamson Square

    ReVIVE Aesthetics will have an Open House this Saturday, October 7, from 3:00-7:00 p. m. on the Square in Carrollton. They are located at 106A Adamson Square in the corner between Samba Loca and Pita Pit.

    Owner and CEO Deborah Brooks is nationally board-certified in both anti-aging and holistic integrative functional medicine. She is a renowned wellness expert. She has traveled internationally over the years, expanding her culturally diverse knowledge in both wellness and the aesthetics arena. She brings the latest in technology to the area for healing the skin from head to toe, as well as thinning hair and hair loss, with scientific, cellular-level healing–PRP. Autologous concentrated PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, is used to correct not only fine lines and wrinkles, but it also creates neovascularization, or new growth of cells that have been lost naturally in the body. PRP is the place where science meets beauty and health, on a cellular level, naturally and without side effects, because it is derived from the patient.

    Deborah relocated to the Carrollton area earlier this year to serve as contracted medical provider for the beautiful new on-site Health and Wellness Clinic for Honda Lock in Bremen. Having been reared by her Japanese aunt and having learned a bit of Japanese, she immediately knew that at HL-A, she had found the perfect fit and culture to continue her longstanding wellness career, as well as an ideal schedule that would allow evenings and weekends to dedicate to her aesthetics practice transition to Carrollton. With the help of numerous friends, warm southern hospitality, and months of preparation, the downtown Square in Carrollton has proven to be the perfect location for her to transfer  the aesthetics part of her formerly combined wellness and aesthetics practice.

    ReVIVE Aesthetics sees patients who travel great distances to receive concentrated autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) aesthetic treatments, simply because there are not providers in their area at all who offer it.

    With the growing trend of savvy consumers who desire natural wellness and treatment modalities to improve holistic health, many now understand the healing power of regenerative medicine, and know firsthand the importance of autologous, concentrated stem-cell therapy obtained from PRP, platelet rich plasma. Deborah says that PRP is the new frontier in natural medicine, and that there are hosts of other treatment modalities utilizing this cellular, regenerative process.

    Catering to those who understand and seek exclusive, natural aesthetic procedures which utilize the body’s own plasma stem cells to heal and revive on a cellular level is her passion: to ReVIVE your cellular youth with what the cells provide–the healing cellular power within.  It is truly where science meets beauty.

    At 4:30 p. m. during the grand opening this Saturday, there will be live demonstrations featuring exclusive, natural, autologous PRP ( platelet rich plasma) aesthetic procedures. Come see for yourself the science behind reviving your skin, reversing hair loss, and naturally regrowing hair.

    While you’re at the open house, be sure to register for door prizes, including the grand prize drawing for one freeaesthetic service of your choice, up to a maximum value of $1,200.00.

    ReVIVE also will be offering exclusive, limited, grand-opening specials with package pricing during this one-day offer; they are only available during the grand opening. Appointment slots are limited. Deborah explains that there will be phenomenal savings on package plans Saturday only.

    She also invites you to ask any of her staff about the menu of specialty group sessions for your upcoming event!

    For more information, visit the Revive Aesthetics website.

    Like and follow the Revive Aesthetics Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram by clicking here.



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