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Local Rite Aid Stores Closing

Say goodbye to your local Rite Aid stores in the west Georgia area. The long-time retail pharmacy chain reached a deal with Walgreens in March as part of a buyout. Some Rite Aid stores will be closing their doors for good while others will simply be changing into Walgreens locations.

Rite Aid finalized the transfer of 1,932 stores and related assets to Walgreens Boots Alliance in March as part of a $4.2 billion buyout deal. Walgreens released a statement regarding the deal.

“Our growth strategy of increasing and consolidating volume, differentiating ourselves through value and quality of service, and controlling costs is bearing fruit across our businesses,” said Stefano Pessina, executive vice chairman and CEO of Walgreens. “This is reflected in another good set of financial results in which we delivered the highest sales growth in eight quarters, as well as strong cash generation and record U.S. pharmacy market share. We expect to continue to grow, in part through the recent acquisition of stores from Rite Aid, and today we are raising our fiscal 2018 guidance.”

We spoke with managers from several local stores who gave us details on which stores will close and which stores will remain open and change over to Walgreens ownership.

Carrollton’s Rite Aid location at 125 South Park Street will be permanently closing in August 15. A store manager said prescriptions will be filled at the Walgreens location at 794 South Park Street.

Villa Rica’s Rite Aid, located at 62 Industrial Boulevard, will close on July 12. The store will reopen on July 16 for a liquidation sale. A store manager said that all prescriptions will be filled at a nearby Walgreens, located at 684 West Bankhead Highway.

The Newnan Rite Aid, located at 211 Temple Avenue, recently changed its pharmacy over to a Walgreens and a store manager told The City Menus that the store will fully transition into a Walgreens toward the end of year.

A second Rite Aid store in Newnan, located at 3055 East Highway 34, will permanently close on August 7. All prescriptions will be moved to the Walgreens across the road at 3116 Highway 34 East beginning on August 8.

The Douglasville Rite Aid location at 2981 Chapel Hill Road has already changed signage inside building to reflect the new Walgreens ownership. A store manager at the location told The City Menus that outside signage will be changed soon and the full transition should occur some time this fall.

A second Douglasville Rite Aid, located at 3687 GA-5, will also soon change over to Walgreens.  The store’s pharmacy has already changed to Walgreens. A store manager from the location told The City Menus that upper management expects the full transition to occur within the next year.

Douglasville’s other Rite Aid location at 2710 GA-92 will be permanently closing on July 19. A store manager says prescriptions will be transferred to a nearby Walgreens location at 2701 Fairburn Road.

The Bowdon Rite Aid, located at 128 Lovvorn Road, has already been changed over to a Walgreens. A store manager said the store converted to a Walgreens in March and outside signage will be changed by the end of 2018.

Stay tuned to The City Menus for more business openings and closings and other news!

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